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Allye is 7 years old and loves animals. She has gerbils, fish, cats and a dog named beethoven.

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The Best Day

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Allye. She wanted to go get a baby animal.

Allye went to the pet store, but the animals were all gone.

She went to the guy who you pay and he said, "I have one more pet."

It was a baby cheetah! It was a Red Eye Cheetah - and the best part it was a baby!

So Allye went home and after she fed it 10 bottles the cheetah was a teenager.

The next day Allye gave him one bottle and the cheetah was all grown up.

Allye's mom came so she had to hide the cheetah. Allye put a blanket on him.

Allye's mom came upstairs in the bathroom. Allye was too late -- her mom saw the cheetah.

Allye's mom said, "A cheetah!" and laughed.

"What's so funny?" asked Allye.

"I've always wanted a cheetah!"

The Best Day